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Going Global-MSMS High School Camp 2017

By: Jack Gruseck, Raven Day, and Audrey Wohlscheid

Here at the MSMS Summer Enrichment Camp, there are a variety of classes to choose from. One of which is Going Global, taught by Mrs. Lauren Zarandona.

 The class is meant to make kids more aware of the problems in the developing world, such as lack of clean water, public schools, and electricity.

“Many students don’t realize how lucky they are to be living in the United States.” said Vivia Davis, the counselor working with the class.

The campers used Monopoly as a metaphor to describe social inequalities.

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No-Experience-Needed Coding-MSMS High School Camp 2017

By: Aurora Triplett, Cecile Roberts, and Thomas Hardy Cooke


The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science, MSMS, Summer Enrichment Camp is offering a class called No-Experience-Needed Coding. This class integrates technology into a classroom atmosphere, and also teaches rising 9th and 10th graders to work with a partner while learning life skills.

“They’re learning to program a Sphero, a sphere shaped robot, to go wherever they want…” said Michael Sandifer, a counselor at the MSMS Summer Enrichment Camp.

Ten campers are in the class at a time with one robot per pair.  

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“Everyone seems to love the class,” Sandifer stated, “They come with a smile and leave with a smile.”

MSMS Summer Camp News - Middle School Camp 2017

The MSMS Summer Enrichment Camp class Convergent Media culminated this week with a trip to the studios of WCBI-TV. The class's students were treated to a tour of the studio and control room, were able to watch the production of WCBI News at Six, and were able to produce a news show of their very own. MSMS would like to thank WCBI and the WCBI news and production team for the generous use of their facilities, expertise, and talent.

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The Math Of Flight - MSMS Camp 2017

BY Caleb Jenkins, Nathan Gordon, Genea Washington 

The Math of Flight class at the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science Summer Camp is one of the 13 courses students could choose to take at the camp. The class’s goal is to, explain the basic physics principles behind how air planes work. In the class students are making paper airplanes to demonstrate how flight physics work.

"Today what the students are working on are how the different parts of the airplane actually impact the flight path of the plane itself," says Kishan Patel, one of the teachers at the Summer camp.

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Positively Medieval-MSMS Camp 2017

BY  Aiden Allen & Laurie Sallee

Positively Medieval is one of the 13 classes at the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science Summer Enrichment Camp, the class teaches students the crafts and science of medieval times.

"Yesterday, when we were making paper we learned how it was made through hydrogen bonding and fancy stuff like that," said Connor McNamee, a counselor at the camp.

In this class students learn to make paper, dye yarn, and other things using the methods of the time. They also learn the science of these projects.


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