Embracing Service With Food And Fellowship

Pictured (left to right) Hannah Craft, Stephen Oversen, Madalyn Coln, Joy Payne, and Melisha Hester, RN, in CCU. 

Pictured (left to right) Hannah Craft, Stephen Oversen, Madalyn Coln, Joy Payne, and Melisha Hester, RN, in CCU. 

On February 15, the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science Food and Fellowship Club members delivered care packages for patients in the critical care unit of the Baptist Memorial Hospital in Columbus. The students donated items such as coloring books, soap, cotton swabs and markers for the patients; prepackaged snacks and drinks were left in the family waiting rooms. Also, each care package included a handmade "Get Well Soon" card. This was one of the club's service projects themed around sharing hope and care towards patients who need to the most. 

MSMS Student Organization WILL Featured in the News

The WILL reading group. Courtesy of the Commercial Dispatch.

The WILL reading group. Courtesy of the Commercial Dispatch.

The Commercial Dispatch recently ran a story featuring the work of the MSMS organization WILL (Women Influencing Lives Through Literature).

The group spends time each week discussing books with middle school aged girls at Columbus Middle School. The group was started by MSMS alumnae Emma Thompson in 2013. You can read the story about the incredible work of this organization by clicking here or on the photo above.

MSMS Alumnus Wins Gates-Cambridge Scholarship

MSMS graduate Lucas Ferguson. Photo courtesy the Commercial Dispatch.

MSMS graduate Lucas Ferguson. Photo courtesy the Commercial Dispatch.

A graduate of the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science is the first Mississippi State University student in history to win the prestigious Gates-Cambridge Scholarship.

Lucas Ferguson, who is originally from Batesville, graduated from MSMS in 2013. The scholarship will allow him to spend the next few years studying at the postgraduate level at the University of Cambridge in England.

You can read more about Lucas by clicking here.

MSMS Alumnus Terrence Johnson Featured on National Public Radio

2014 MSMS graduate Terrence Johnson. Photo Courtesy National Public Radio. 

2014 MSMS graduate Terrence Johnson. Photo Courtesy National Public Radio. 

A graduate of the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science was recently featured on National Public Radio.

Terrence Johnson, who graduated from MSMS in 2014, was the subject of Our Land, a special series by NPR special correspondent Melissa Block.

You can read and listen to the story about the Ole Miss junior and Noxubee County native by clicking here.

MSMS Mu Alpha Theta Math Tournament

Derivatives, identities, and square roots, oh my!

On Tuesday, February 21, 2017, 600 of Mississippi’s top high school mathematicians took part in the annual mu-alpha-theta math tournament hosted by the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science.

“They do win medals and trophies, but the big thing for us really is not about the trophies, it’s about getting people excited about mathematics,” said MSMS Director for Academic Affairs, Kelly Brown.

More than a dozen public and private schools from all over Mississippi took part in the event. These mathletes competed to see who could solve mathematical puzzles the fastest, answer the most questions correctly, and generally show their mathematical mastery.

“A lot of the students are having fun and we are having fun,” said MSMS student Ariel Williams. “It’s cool to see it all work together, because it’s been a year in the making. We have a nice system that flows pretty effortlessly.”

MSMS students do not compete in the event, rather, the school’s students facilitate the tournament and create the puzzles and questions the competitors must solve.

“You have so many people rushing to get in an answer. You really have to stay on your toes and pay attention to make sure you know who got it in first,” said MSMS student David Thaggard.

The math tournament, which began shortly after MSMS was founded in 1987, is the school’s longest-lived outreach program.

This year’s top prize for overall success was Jackson Prep. Northwest Rankin High School took second and St. Andrews took third.

The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science is Mississippi’s only public, residential high school specifically designed to meet the needs of the state’s most academically gifted and talented. For more information about MSMS, please visit www.themsms.org.

Mr. Wade Interviews Mr. Rick Smith, Application Deadline Countdown

MSMS is a residential high school, that means that all the students who attend the school also live there. Today Mr. Wade talks to the man in charge of residential life at MSMS, Director for Student Affairs Mr. Rick Smith. Mr. Smith explains how MSMS is a safe, secure, and fun place to live and study. For more information about MSMS, please visit www.themsms.org.

Mr. Wade interviews MSMS senior Mayukh, Application Deadline Countdown

Today Mr. Wade sits down with MSMS Senior Class President Mayukh Datta. Mayukh is an MSMS senior who is heavily involved in several activities and organizations at the school. Today, he talks with Mr. Wade about securing one impressive graduation speaker, the myriad and varied associations to which he belongs, and some good advice for anyone thinking of applying to MSMS. For more information about MSMS, please visit www.themsms.org.

Mr. Wade Interviews MSMS senior Braeden Foldenauer, Application Deadline Countdown

Class of 2019, you've only got about ONE WEEK until those applications are due! Today, Mr. Wade talks with MSMS senior Braeden Foldenauer about his MSMS experience. Braeden, who is the student government vice president, tells Mr. Wade all about the MSMS Senate and how MSMS changed his opinion of Mississippi for the better. For more information about MSMS, please visit www.themsms.org.

Mr. Wade Interviews Dr. Odom, Application Deadline Countdown

Class of 2019, it's your time to shine! Today, MSMS Admissions Counselor Wade Leonard talks all things MSMS with legendary science faculty member (and parent of two MSMS graduates), Dr. Bill Odom. Dr. Odom talks about what sets science education apart at MSMS and his experience being the father of two MSMS students. For more information about MSMS, please visit www.themsms.org.

Tales Auditions Held, Performers Chosen

Story by Emily Shy

The 2017 Tales From The Crypt performers have been chosen. Tales from the Crypt is a United States History course with an emphasis on performance and research. During the fall semester, students research an assigned historical figure, while during the second semester they develop their performance skills in preparation for their production for the public in Friendship Cemetery in the spring. This week, senior veterans and junior hopefuls gathered in Shackleford Auditorium, the seniors to judge the performances and determine which of the performances would be represented in the actual production, and the juniors to present their pieces. Although every member of Tales is required to write a performance narrative about their historical figure, only a handful are selected to perform their narratives in the production; the rest of the class works behind the scenes to ensure everything goes smoothly, and as guides to give Tales’ visitors historical context for the production.  

Historically, what students choose to write their performance narratives about and how they choose to portray their characters varies greatly, and this year was no different. Nine juniors were selected to perform their narratives in the spring, and now the rest of the semester will be devoted to preparation for that day! 

Individual Performances:

  • Jessica Smith
  • Tija Johnson
  • Keegan Lindsey
  • Hayden Stokley
  • Harpreet Singh
  • Kamal Bhalla
  • Joseph Mimbs
  • Anna Grace Dulaney
  • Jackson Sparkman
  • Decoration Day Ladies:
  • Christina Comino
  • Regan Conner
  • Ta'Kiya Moore
  • Alana Andrus
  • Erin Owens
  • Kennadi Freema

Application Deadline Approaching

MSMS Admissions Counselor, Spike Harris, answers a new applicant's question.

MSMS Admissions Counselor, Spike Harris, answers a new applicant's question.

The deadline for application to the MSMS Class of 2019 is fast approaching. Current Mississippi sophomores have until Feb. 12 at midnight to complete their applications to MSMS.

“We do not foresee accepting any late applications,” said MSMS Admissions Counselor Spike Harris. “We strongly encourage any students who has the slightest interest in MSMS to finish his or her application by the Feb. 12 deadline.”

Beginning on Wednesday, Feb. 1 the MSMS admissions department will release a video interview with a current MSMS student or faculty member every day until the application deadline.

“We’ve put out this series each year for the past few years, and it seems to help students stay encouraged about their applications,” said Harris. “We certainly don’t want anyone to miss out on the opportunity that is MSMS simply because they couldn’t get their application complete.”

Applications to MSMS may be submitted via the school’s website, via email, via fax, or via regular mail.

“We don’t care how we get it, as long as we get it all by the deadline.”

Students interested in applying to MSMS must be current high school sophomores. Full information about the MSMS application may be found by clicking here.

Messing Around In Logic and Game by Emily Shy


Logic and Game Theory is an elective math course that meets twice a week for an hour and a half at a time. The class is taught by Lauren Zarandona. The purpose of the course is to develop students’ understanding of logic fundamentals, and how to apply those skills to puzzles and games. More broadly, the course grants students a chance to develop basic critical thinking skills that will not only aid them in high level math courses but also in day to day life. For instance, right now students are learning how to construct structurally sound logical arguments, and how to identify and classify fallacies in argument. They look at statements made by politicians and evaluate both the structure and the validity of the premises and conclusions asserted by the politicians. A large portion of the class is also dedicated to problem solving and out of the box thinking through games and puzzles. Seniors Emily Oakes and Caroline Smith both love the class.  

 “Logic and game is actually a fun math class that I look forward to. It is very interactive critical thinking class with group based learning,” said Smith. Oakes adds that it is “A fun, stimulating class and Mrs. Z cracks me up.”  


Engaging With Ecology by Laurel Yarborough

Ecology of Environmental Problems is an elective Biology course taught by Dr. Bill Odom. This class observes and discusses the ecological interactions between organisms and their environments with an emphasis on environmental problems. In Thursday's Ecology Lab, students walked across campus to observe and identify the characteristics of trees. Students were given a scientific description of a specific tree, and were asked to identify which tree it was. Students were also asked to estimate the height of their tree. To do this, students had to find a conversion between their own steps and meters. Students then used the idea of similar triangles to estimate the height of trees. Along with estimating tree heights, they estimated distances and volumes. 

What's Happening With the Senior Class Officers?

MSMS Senior Class Officers Assemble.

MSMS Senior Class Officers Assemble.

2016 has been a rough year. And for the 2016-2017 senior class officers this school year has been especially busy. Starting the year off with multiple plans, the class officers - Griffin Emmerson (VP), Andy Zhao (Treasurer), Ariel Williams (Secretary), Maggie Ford (Historian), and Mayukh Datta (President) - have done their best in order to make this year a successful and enjoyable one for the seniors and juniors, equally.

            “The first priority this year,” said Datta, “was finding a graduation speaker, and from the beginning of the year, we drafted multiple letters in order to send to both celebrity and alumni speakers.”

Some of these targeted speakers included John Green and Sal Khan of Khan Academy. Either due to their high speaking fees or their busy schedules, the targeted speakers declined the offer. However, at last, with the help of Mr. Wade Leonard and Mr. Spike Harris, Datta was able to find a commencement speaker: Dr. Cary Gunn, a MSMS alumnus.

            In addition to finding a speaker, the officers have also worked hard on creating a class t-shirt.

“The class t-shirts were a great idea as the design was unique and because the shirts were profitable,” said Griffen Emmerson, who created the design for the shirts.

            Community Service has also been a goal for the officers this year, and they have worked hard on creating service opportunities by getting the students involved in places like Columbus Middle School and Loaves and Fishes.

            What are the Senior Class Officers’ future plans? The officers are working hard on finding a class motto, class song, and a class poem. Ariel Williams and Maggie Ford are planning a video that includes footage from all of the seniors, and the officers are also planning multiple fundraisers in order to raise money for the class.