What is MSMS?

Hooper Academic Building. This is the building in which our mathematics, science and language classes are taught. MSMS students spend a lot of time here.

Hooper Academic Building. This is the building in which our mathematics, science and language classes are taught. MSMS students spend a lot of time here.

MSMS is a high school. But it is probably very different than the high school you attend right now. Our students come from all over the state of Mississippi and live and work and play together on our campus. They are students who choose to spend their last two years of high school (junior and senior years) living away from home and engaging in the kind of academic rigor not found at most high schools in America. Our students are those who are passionate about their futures, sincere in their efforts to be successful, and talented enough to be capable of extraordinary things. 

MSMS is a founding member of the National Consortium of Secondary STEM Schools (NCSSS), and at our founding we were the fourth such school to exist in the country.

Where is MSMS?


MSMS is located in historic Columbus, Mississippi, on the campus of the Mississippi University for Women. Chartered in 1884, MUW is the first state-sponsored college for women founded in America. Despite the university's name, the school has accepted men since 1982. MSMS has called MUW home since its founding, and we could not think of a better spot in Mississippi for our extraordinary high school to be housed.

MSMS students are kept separate from the university's students; although, some of our facilities - the recreation center, for example - are shared by both our students and the students of MUW. 

Is MSMS a residential school?

Though these kids come from different places, they have found friends for life at MSMS.

Though these kids come from different places, they have found friends for life at MSMS.

Yes. All our students live in one of our two residence halls: Goen for the girls and Frazer for the boys. We believe the residential aspect of the school is one of the things that makes us unique, and therefore we require all students who attend the school to live on our campus during their time with us. Of course, students are free to go home on the weekends. In fact, our students enjoy at least one three-day weekend (or "extended weekend") each month when the campus is shut down and the students are required to go to their respective homes. 


What kinds of scholarships do you get for attending MSMS?

The motto of MSMS is we are an "opportunity for excellence." We do not guarantee anything. There is no special scholarship any student receives simply for attending and graduating from the school. However, our students tend to do very, very well in terms of scholarships. The class of 2016 was offered more than $21 million in scholarship dollars to schools and universities all over these United States. The experiences and opportunities students receive while at MSMS tend to make them very attractive to those who award money for college.  


What sorts of colleges do MSMS graduates attend?

On average, about 60% of our students attend college in the state of Mississippi. We believe in the quality of our state schools and encourage our students to give those schools the attention that they deserve. However, we have students who attend colleges and universities all over the world including schools like Harvard, Yale, MIT, Stanford and the United States Military academies. In our more-than-quarter-century of existence MSMS students have made their presence known in the world of academia. These institutions know where they can go to find the highest quality young minds in Mississippi, and that place is MSMS.


Who can attend MSMS?

Any Mississippi resident who is a current high school sophomore can apply to MSMS. We accept applications from students who attend public schools, private schools or are home schooled. Currently, MSMS is accepting applications from the Class of 2016. We are looking for applicants who show a history of outstanding academic achievement (that means good grades), a passionate curiosity about the world around them, and the will to work for what they want to achieve.  For more information about application criteria click on the Preparing for MSMS link on the sidebar of this website. 

What are the teachers like at MSMS?

The MSMS faculty is the heart and soul of MSMS and is the primary reason our kids tend to be successful. Each and every one of our faculty members holds a master's degree and several have the Ph.D; and all have extensive teaching experience. Our faculty members are some of the most dedicated and highly qualified you will find in any school anywhere. For extensive information about our faculty explore the "Directory" link in the sidebar. 

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What's so different about MSMS and the school I currently attend? 


Other than the obvious facts that we are a boarding school situated on a college campus, there are many ways in which MSMS is probably very different than the school you currently attend. For starters, all classes are taught as Honors classes or higher.  Students have the option to take several AP courses and/or University courses that are taught by MSMS teachers who essentially serve as adjunct instructors for the Mississippi University for Women (MUW).  Students also have many, many more course opportunities than students find in their respective home schools, and one of the biggest challenges our kids face is deciding which courses to take during their time with us. (We have more than 100 different classes at MSMS.) MSMS students also have the opportunity to take additional courses from MUW at no additional cost if the students' schedules allow. If students need even more challenging or advanced courses, our faculty will provide additional learning opportunities through Independent Study courses. We exist to meet the individual needs of gifted and talented students. For more information about all the classes MSMS offers, click on "Learn About MSMS" and then click "The Classes" button, or simply click here.


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Is there anything to do at MSMS other than go to school?

While school is a big part of MSMS, it isn't the only thing that keeps our students busy. MSMS students have the opportunity to take part in dozens upon dozens of different clubs and extracurricular activities that run the gamut from athletics to public service to special interest. For more information about these activities visit the "Extracurriculars" page.